Spirits Brewing and Booing at the Brewpub

Drink Specials October 25th and 26th

  • Zombie Vaccine Shots (jello shots – ghoulishly garnished)
  • Zombie Brain Hemorrhage (shot)
  • Zombie (cocktail)
  • Multiple Craft Beers on Tap

Cheaha Brewing Booing Company Drink Specials

…Zombie Vaccine Shots…

(Jello shots available in multiple flavors and a special ghoulish nod to the season)

…Brain Hemorrhage Shot…

(peach schnapps, Irish cream, grenadine, and the coolest effect, ever)

…Zombie Cocktail…

(rum, rum, rum, juice, and topped with…rum)

…Craft Beer…

(as always, multiple tasty flavors on tap)