Secondhand Jones

Secondhand JonesCharles Bailey – Drums and Vocals
Richmond Culp – Bass Guitars and Vocals
Jonn Medders – Guitars and Vocals
Ben Hasse – Guitars and Vocals

Secondhand Jones gives voice to a perpetually questioning conscience that is coupled to an overactive imagination and fueled by the scent of overheated vacuum tubes. The result is a blend of riff-based rock and soaring melodic texture that overlays often raw and pointed lyrical content. The band blends songwriting elements and instrumentation to weave a lush, full tapestry of distinct rock/alternative music. Drawing from influences as diverse as they are extensive, the members of Secondhand Jones create music that takes a journey through a sonic landscape onto which the audience is compelled to follow.

Hailing from northeast Alabama, the band has also amassed an eclectic roster of songs that includes over four hours of cover material. Each full-evening performance is a roller coaster showcasing grunge and alternative rock, peppered by the odd and obscure gem, and punctuated by the band’s original material.