Food Photos From The Soft Opening

…just to make everyone hungry…

Food Photos (Vittles) From the Soft Opening

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Meats & Cheeses Plate
Selection of fine sausages including Sopressata, Liverwurst, Thompson’s Smoked Pork, Prosciutto, Italian Dry Salami, Blue cheese, Wright’s Dairy White Cheddar, Colby, crackers, red onions, baby dill pickles, radishes, spicy brown and whole grain mustards, horseradish & a selection of crackers.


Closer Pic of Meats & Cheeses Plate


Closer Pic of Crackers and dips/spreads included in the Meats & Cheeses plate

Loaded Waffle Fries

Loaded Waffle Fries
Waffle fries topped w/ cheese, bacon and chives served w/ sour cream

Chips and Salsas

House Made Chips & Salsas
Seasoned tortilla chips w/ red salsa & salsa verde
…also added Beer Cheese dip to order

House Made Soft Pretzels

Two of our house made soft pretzels w/ beer cheese dip, whole grain and spicy brown mustards

Veggies Pitas And Hummus

Veggies, Pitas & Hummus
Veggie sticks and house baked puffy pitas w/ house made hummus

These are just some of the tasty plates and appetizers served during the soft opening.  As the brewery installation chugs along, the food menu will grow with our beer menu as Cheaha beers are brewed and tapped.